Week 2

Boy am I having a hard time staying focused on this.  I don’t want to be a negative nelly, but I’m feeling overwhelmed.  HELP!  I do still do my reading of Scroll 1, the BPB, and my DMP and now the cards, but the workbook and sitting got to me.  My mind races all the time.  Isn’t that psychotic?  I put off writing this until the last minute almost giving up, but I AM GOING TO DO THIS!  I will never get to where I want to be in life without this group.

Thank goodness for the little blue box.  Going to be able to weed my garden tomorrow, finally able to fit it in.  But I never would have gotten it done without looking at that little blue box and saying, “Do it now!” 25 times.  Yes, I will do it now!


Week 1 – Continued

Where do I start? This blog thing is weird for me….this week has been really hard trying to get back into a “school” schedule. I don’t have any particular insights, but I am making every effort to stay the course, so to speak. I keep wondering “what have I gotten myself into?” But then I get to the passage that says, “the few moments spent each day on this new habit are but a small price to pay for the happiness and success that will be mine.” Those few words keep me coming back.

It’s really hard to stop myself from wasting time. When I get home at night after work I am so tired that all I want to do is sit down for a bit. Wrong thing to do! I am more conscious of my ugly old subby saying it’s okay to just relax a bit. Subby is in great need of training to change. She WILL change.

I do have to say that I do wake up more refreshed in the morning. I think I’m sleeping better because of this course. I’m not pushing that snooze button three times. I know that if I do push it, I won’t have time to get my morning reading done. So up and at ’em it is from now on!

Week 1 – the adventure begins

I never in a million years thought I’d be doing something like this.  I am scared of writing things that others are going to be reading.  I am scared of making a committment, but my life is crazy running in circles, trying to survive.  I know that if I don’t do something NOW, it won’t get any better.  And it starts with changing me, me inside.  So onward I go.